Sense Of Humour

Laughter connects people.

What good is an entrepreneur that can’t connect? Those without a sense of humour aren’t typically known for being charismatic. And charisma gets you a long way as an entrepreneur where networking is key. Having a sense of humour makes you memorable.

We’re taught as children that if something scares us, we should point and laugh at it. Walking through a haunted house at Halloween, and a ghost jumps out at you? Point at its face and just laugh. No matter how scared we are deep down. Climbing into the car of your first rollercoaster? Laugh hysterically about how scared you’re going to be. And keep on laughing in between screaming your lungs out!

We’re at our bravest when we’re young, before we learn about all of the big bad things in the world that we really should be scared about. Like debt, or failed businesses, or embarrassing ourselves in front of thousands of people. We traded in our fears of the dark and falling off our bicycle for financial fears, and fears of how we could potentially be perceived.

Laughter is the best way to overcome your fears. To overpower them. Belittle them.

Even when you don’t particularly feel like laughing…

Laugh defensively.

Laugh at yourself, before others laugh at you. Having a sense of humour means not only having the ability to laugh at a situation, but also (and perhaps more importantly) to laugh at yourself. Have some humility.

The number of times you will fail over and over again, you’ll be driven to madness if you don’t learn to laugh at your own mistakes and learn from them. Laughter makes you resilient. If you can learn to laugh at both yourself and the floor each and every time you fall, it’ll soften the landing. You won’t be too scared to get back up and try again. The best characteristic an entrepreneur can have is resilience. The resilience to recover quickly from mistakes. And understand that everyone makes them, and to be just as forgiving to others as you are to yourself. This is how you earn respect.

Laughter is stress relief. It releases serotonin, lifts your spirits and motivates you. This is why all the best people have a sense of humour.

Learn to crack a joke. Learn to make light of awkward situations. One of the hardest things to learn in life is to develop a sense of humour. But only because those who have dedicated their entire lives to being too serious struggle to suddenly change their mindset. To others, humour comes naturally. A good entrepreneur will know the difference between having a confident sense of humour and being an unreliable clown.


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