Holiday Home Insurace

A home by the beach? Why you need Holiday Home Insurance to protect your most valuable asset

We’ve all dreamed of living by the beach, indeed Mark Sheridan who first recorded “I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside” knew all so very well, unfortunately we can’t all have that way of life. Some of us however are honoured with a second home away from home, and this needs maintaining and looking after. With a holiday home, there will be a significant part of the year where it is left vacant and unused. Other times you may even have an interest in renting it out to provide yourself with extra additional income – with holiday home insurance you’ll be protected against any unfortunate events that could happen whilst the property is in your possession.

It is undoubtable that a holiday home provides us with numerous advantages, including the ability to stay in accommodation which belongs solely to you, to be able to visit it whenever you wish without the need to book months in advance – allowing last-minute breaks, as well as peace and privacy of which would not be possible at a hotel or resort.

However, there can be many dangers that can come with a holiday home. Leaving a property unoccupied for a prolonged period of time could see it become a target as undesirable people notice that nobody is there to watch over. Burglars could take advantage of this situation leaving untold damage onto your property, for you to discover only months later. As a landlord renting out a holiday home, you presumably will be away from the property for most of the year thus unable to maintain the standards you would normally keep the property in if you were there. Holiday Home insurance is more important than ever in protecting this asset from the risks of being away from this second home, it ought to be something you invest in.

Holiday homes can give us unprecedented value for money, especially in prime locations. Areas such as Purbeck in Dorset see house prices range above £265,268, whilst North Devon in the South West for £252,339 and East Devon in the South West of £270,993. At Ashburnham, we cover properties nationwide from Land’s End in the south up to John o’ Groats in the north, offering a bespoke and tailored insurance policy on an individual client-by-client basis so you can be sure you get the best competitive price.

Holiday home insurance shouldn’t be confused with landlord’s insurance, as they’re two separate things and depend on the time you spend in the property yourself and how often (if ever) you let the property out to other people. You can also insure your holiday home under “second home insurance” depending on the circumstances surrounding your specifics with the home. To find out what kind of insurance the property requires, you can simply answer a few questions to receive a quotation to protect such property.

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