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We all love a few GIFs in restriction, GIFs allow us to express ourselves in a shareable way that is not otherwise possible online. Insurance GIFs however, are another ballgame. For this blog post, we’ve created 10 relatable insurance GIFs for your work-time pleasure…

1) Is it too late now to say sorry?

You may not think it is necessary now, but you never know when that unfortunate event will come about and happen all of a sudden. Be protected against floods and other disasters with the appropriate insurance cover for your business or company.

2) Oh, what big teeth you have…

Sadly, public liability insurance does not cover deliberate damage. See more information on public liability insurance here: https://www.ashburnham-insurance.co.uk/business-insurance/public-liability-insurance/

3) You can be insured under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh…

At Ashburnham, we’re honest with what we cover and include it in your policy when you first take out cover with us. We don’t use faint terms like “million-dollar umbrella policy” in an attempt to mislead you.

4) And blow your house down

It’s always important to see what exactly you’re covered for when taking out cover with any insurance provider. You don’t want to be let down like this poor pig. With Ashburnham, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our policies.

5) Ain’t anybody got time for that!

Don’t let the habit of “leaving it till later” catch you off-guard.

6) Burn baby burn.

The correct policy is the right policy.

7) Insurance is a must

Think of all you could be at risk from without appropriate cover.

8) Appropriate insurance

At Ashburnham, we don’t remove cover you’d expect from such policy via the small print.

9) The Pinocchio nose knows

When completing a query form for an insurance provider, ensure you give them the correct information. Never leave information off, as it will only come to harm you later on.

10) Fishy dilemma

Land insurance is a must for people of whom are worried about the financial risks of being a land owner. Look into our land insurance policy here: https://www.ashburnham-insurance.co.uk/land-insurance/

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