Santa Claus Insurance

Santa Claus is comin’ to town! But before he sets off for his biggest job of the year, is he properly covered in the unfortunate case of a Christmas catastrophe?

Santa is a bit of a high insurance risk… but someone’s gotta do it!

Employers Liability Insurance for Santa Claus

Santa's Elves

I’d like to think that Father Christmas would make a pretty good boss. With plenty of mince pies and candy canes scattered around the place, I’m sure he takes care of his employees’ dental too! But working in what is essentially a mass-scale factory, Santa’s helpful little elven workers will be prone to injuries from repetitive strain. Especially when using such old-fashioned tools. Not to mention if a big pile of presents were to collapse onto his tiny elves!

If something were to happen to one of Santa’s little elves whilst they were working in the toy workshop, they may claim for compensation from Santa. Santa Claus cares about the health and safety of his employees and does whatever he can to ensure all his workers are happy and well looked after, so Employers Liability Insurance is his #1 priority.

Public Liability Insurance for Santa Claus

Santa's Reindeer

Should Santa cause any damage to public property during the course of his Christmas deliveries, public liability insurance would indemnify him and his Christmas business. Potential risks can include damaging a chimney pipe as he attempts to climb down after one too many mince pies, or knocking anything over in a client’s home whilst fumbling around in the dark after one too many glasses of milk. Maybe one of the reindeer knocks a tile off the roof! There’s even a risk that a member of public is caused injury by Santa Claus, for example if a present were to fall from his sleigh whilst in flight and land on someone’s head! This too would be covered by Santa’s public liability insurance should the person hold Santa accountable.

As an extension to Santa’s public liability insurance, he could also take out Goods In Transit cover. This protects Santa Claus from any presents being lost, stolen or damaged during the loading, unloading or transportation in his sleigh.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Santa Claus

Santa's Naughty or Nice List

Santa Claus is responsible for one of the most important jobs of the year: delivering presents on time! There’d be an awful lot of disappointed boys and girls if he couldn’t deliver on his promise. Indemnity claims can include little boys and girls not getting the presents that they asked for, or perhaps not getting any presents at all! Parents might not be too happy that their children never received their long-awaited presents on Christmas day, especially if their children take it out on them!

What about Santa’s data protection policy? Santa Claus holds a rather lengthy list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. Can you imagine the disaster if this data was to be leaked, or if he drops or forgets his list? Or what if Santa were to incorrectly mark a nice boy as being naughty? Professional indemnity insurance can cover the costs of legal defence and compensation fees.

Commercial Property Insurance for Santa Claus

Santa's Toy Workshop

Santa’s workshop is located in a high-risk area. With no emergency services nearby, insuring Old Nick’s business property would be quite pricey. And with so many festive candles warming the cold working conditions in the North Pole, it could all so easily go down in flames for poor Santa and his elves…

Luckily with commercial property insurance, Santa can protect his workshop in case something truly bad was to happen. He could even get all the toys covered with contents insurance so if the Grinch were to try to steal Christmas, Santa Claus wouldn’t be left with nothing.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Santa Claus

Santa's Sleigh

As Santa’s sleigh would be considered a “customised or modified” commercial vehicle, his commercial vehicle insurance could be quite expensive. Especially with such a huge delivery radius and in all sorts of extreme conditions – in the dark, no less! But what if Santa’s sleigh broke down in the middle of his deliveries, or if he accidentally crashed into a block of flats? First of all, hopefully his reindeer are alright! Secondly, he’d be wise to have breakdown cover in case of emergencies, and access to a courtesy sleigh as soon as possible!

This is just the tip of the iceberg… There’s livestock to be considered, and aviation cover! Being Santa adds up to be a very expensive, high-risk profession…. but Santa’s claims record is spotless. We’re sure he won’t have any issues at all with finding insurance cover!

Merry Christmas!

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