Insurance Memes and Funny Jokes

Yup! We’ve found a selection of (debatably) funny insurance memes and jokes online, proving that anything can be turned into a meme these days….


Luckily, with Ashburnham, you don’t have to bother with any troublesome call centres. We just have the one office where you can get through to us immediately with no extra button-pushing. You can call us for free on our freephone number from landline or mobile!


We’re not pushy and, in fact, we can even find you the best insurance policies to suit you without you even having to talk to us! Purchase your insurance online with us, and be sent your documents instantly by email. And that’s it. You’re covered!


No long, confusing quote forms or phone calls. Our forms are designed with speed and simplicity in mind. We do all the heavy lifting for you!


Need to insure your company vehicle?


We understand your business is your livelihood. We take every claim seriously. Regardless of how ironic the circumstances…


Insurance brokers have an unfortunate reputation… But we’re the good guys, we promise! We work hard to get you the best deals on your insurance.


Though careful how creative you get! Don’t hyperbolise the incident and be as factual as you can, or your insurance claim may not get accepted.


We’ll find you the best deals for your buildings insurance to protect your bricks and mortar from threats like storm damage, floods, fire, explosions and huffing and puffing….

Insurance Meme 9

The troubles of the average commercial insurance broker…

Insurance Meme 10If your claim gets unfairly rejected, we can take a thorough look into your insurance policy and situation, and help with your complaint.

Insurance Meme 11This is why it’s important to make sure that you are covered for every possible risk.

Insurance Meme 12Don’t put yourself at risk of getting your claim rejected by telling your insurer little white lies that you think may help your claim.

Insurance Meme 13And last but not least… Dilbert!

Had enough? So have we….

Insurance Meme 14

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