It seems that the storms and flooding across the UK has been going on for some time, and you’d be right!  At least a month of disruptive weather has caused chaos in areas throughout the UK and these problems are still going on now.

The insurance companies are helping out with great support to everyone affected and continue to do so now.  It’s not just properties being affected, there are also cars that are being damaged and companies being put out of business to name just a few scenarios.  It is being reported by the Association of British Insurers that for just a two week period over the New Year there was in the region of 174,000 claims made – that’s over 12,000 a day!

Further to the number of claims is the cost this is putting on the industry.  The cost is apparently in the region of £426,000,000 for this same 2 week period.  Thankfully the industry is organised well enough to be prepared for such events and that is why it is being dealt with so efficiently bearing in mind the circumstances.

These events stress the importance of taking out the appropriate insurance for your needs.  Whether you are a property owner or business then being protected at times like these is essential to receive the financial help and assistance that you need.