With the distractions of the warm weather and summer holidays upon us, it is one of the most common times to forget to renew your insurance. Your renewal terms usually become available to us 30 days before your policy expires. We then endeavour to get these to you along with any alternatives available in our insurer market that also meet your requirements but may offer a premium saving and/or additional cover.

This renewal invitation can be renewed at any time once received as long as payment is made before the renewal date indicated. The easiest way to renew your policy is via our online payment page where you can easily pay via credit/debit card 24/7. If you need to discuss or alter the insurance renewal sent to you then you simply need to contact us during office hours.

It’s worth bearing in mind that some insurers offer renewal discounts that are included within the renewal invitation you are sent. If the policy lapses, so can these discounts. On top of this, letting your policy expire means you aren’t covered. It sounds obvious but we have heard stories from within the insurance industry of people calling a day or two after the renewal date to advise of an incident but they hadn’t renewed their policy! Needless to say, this is not a good situation to be in.

If you’ve got a vacation planned which coincides with your policy renewal date and you haven’t heard from us yet then give us a call. We can usually get your renewal sent earlier giving you more time to renew your policy with us.