In the past if you were working in Northern Ireland then you would have to go to a broker within the BT Postcode to get your Public Liability Insurance but that has all changed thanks to Ageas Insurance (formerly known as Fortis Insurance) who now allow us to quote for tradesman that work in the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland.

Tradesman within large areas of Northern Ireland such as Belfast and Londonderry can now come to us for a quote on their Insurance and although most companies will still not provide a quotation there is now one that can after they saw an opportunity in the market for Public Liability Insurance in that area as so many other insurance companies refuse to offer quotes and cover for any BT Postcode.

This seemed like a large hole as we have always been able to offer quotes in that postcode for both Residential Landlord Insurance and Commercial Property Insurance but the area of tradesman insurance is always one that has eluded us until recently. Most insurers tend to see that they can insure properties in these areas as they have a postcode which the insurance can be rated on and now that we can offer liability quotes in that region as well we have the area covered for the main markets that we do.

The terms on the policy would be the same as they would be if the insured was working anywhere in England, Wales or Scotland and if a claim was to be made it would be handled the same way it would for these areas as well. So if you are a tradesman who needs Public Liability Insurance for Northern Ireland then visit us to get a quotation.