We have been implementing some changes to the way we take payments on our website over the last few weeks. Due to ever increasing demands on card security it was becoming difficult to keep up with the requirements of taking payments on our website and we have taken the decision to move the payment part of any online transactions over to HSBC’s Secure ePayment website.

All transactions work in the same way except that no card information is collected on our website anymore with this part of the transaction being done on the HSBC website. The item will still appear on your account as “Ashburnham Insurance Services Ltd” and you will still need to provide all the same security details as you did before. After payment is completed, you will be returned to our website which finalises your order.

We feel this new method of payment is not only more secure for you the customers but will free up our time spent managing this system so we can put these towards other things that will make your insurance experience with us even better. HSBC will obviously always be at the forefront of security meaning that your online payment will be as secure as it could possibly be.

If you have any queries or would like to provide some feedback on the new secure online payments system then feel free to contact us.