The recent G20 summit agreed a trillion dollar plan to help rescue the global recession. I am not going to write about the ins and outs of such a plan, instead I am going to merely discuss the shear amount of money in question.

I don’t know how they came to such a figure but it is almost uncomprehending to a human being as to what this figure actually means. One trillion dollars in numerical terms is $1,000,000,000,000. Yes, one million, millions or one thousand billions, whatever you find easier to get your head round. Either way, what an enormous amount of money!!!! This figure in British Pounds is approximately 670 billion pounds or £670,000,000,000.

The only people likely to understand this sort of money are premiership footballers who probably earn a similar amount each month, but even a normal calculator cannot cope with the figure in question.

To help put this figure into perspective, say you actually had this money in your bank account and wanted to spend it all (I wish). If you spent £1,000,000 (yes, one millions pounds) every single day of the year, it would take you 1835 years to blow the whole amount.

In fact, you could spread this huge sum of money out equally between every single resident of the UK (men, women and children) and each would pocket in excess of £11,000. Yes please!!! In fact, the true figure quoted by the G20 summit is $1.1trillion. That extra 0.1 adds an extra £87 billion to the grand total and certainly should not be omitted from any discussions.