water from tapIt has been warned that water meters could be made compulsory across the South East and, if successful, across the entire UK. The South East suffers from water shortages and excessive use could see the resources literally run dry.

To combat this, the proposal of compulsory water meters is being considered. This is not uncommon nowadays with all new home owners having to have them installed if there isn’t one already in place. Some people are even choosing to do so to help reduce costs.

The idea is to make people aware of their water consumption in the same way they are for gas and electricity which should hopefully reduce the amount of water used.

On an insurance level this could also be good. Home owners are going to be more aware of that dripping tap that is left on while they go away on holiday. They will also be more aware of leaking pipes as this could also be pouring money down the drain (excuse the pun). The awareness of these factors will surely make the number of water damage claims reduce which in turn can help lower the cost of insurance premiums.