snowI don’t know why but every other year this seems to happen. A few inches of snow falls and it’s chaos. Reports say it is the most snow in 18 years but we are still talking inches. There are many countries around the world that don’t talk in inches, they talk feet. It is unlikely that people wouldn’t make it to work, nor would 99% of the schools shut down for the day. One thing that gets me is there are problems on the London Underground – work that out!

Saying all this though, I spent 15 minutes this morning unable to get out of my road as I just kept skidding to the bottom of the hill so I can appreciate that it’s difficult for some. Although I got there (the end of the road) eventually, any more snow could put have put me out of action (or into the neighbour’s wall).

Needless to say, all the Ashburnham staff made here this morning (and in one piece) despite the Arctic conditions. The office is freezing, all our teeth are chattering but we will brave it till the bitter end (i.e. 5:30pm).