moneyWithout blowing our own trumpet too much, we quite often give very cheap public liability insurance quotes and this can obviously raise concerns from the customer’s point of view that the policy we are quoting them may not be as good as others.

A normal public liability insurance policy that we provide has £1,000,000 cover and premiums for this start at just £42.50 for a year. It’s no surprise that you might be a bit wary about that!

The first thing to take into account is that we, and all the insurers we use, are FSA registered so there is no concerns that we are acting inappropriately or putting you with a company that isn’t going to honour your claim.

We always point out any unusual terms, conditions or exclusions so you are always aware of what is or isn’t covered before you take out the cover. We do not hide anything from you and will always provide a policy specific to your demands and needs.

We have spent many years building relationships with insurance companies meaning we do all the hard work of negotiating amazing prices without reducing cover in any way. Many of our customers don’t leave once they have taken out a policy with us as our low cost quotes coupled with impeccable customer service makes us the number one choice!

A cheap quote may not always be a good quote but if you are insuring with Ashburnham Insurance, I can guarantee that a cheap quote is the best quote!!!