If you’ve never heard of “Blue Monday” before, it is normally the second from last Monday in January which is deemed to be the most unhappy or depressing day of the year! Not necessarily true for all of us but taking all factors into account you can see why.

First and foremost, it’s Monday. The day of the week that we all dread more than any other day knowing we have a whole week of work in front of us. Next up, it’s January. That means Christmas and New Year festivities are over and everyone is back to the daily grind. It also means the weather is cold and dreary which most of us aren’t a fan of.

We are also looking at the fact that our debts are at their highest with Christmas clearing out our accounts and most of us won’t get paid until the end of the month thus leaving us penniless! On top of this, we probably haven’t got much to look forward to in the immediate future with summer holidays being several months away. It is also likely that all new year resolutions are out the window as well by now.

All in all, a depressing day for most people, hence the title “Blue Monday”. Thankfully I seem to have avoided the blueness today even though most of the above is stacked up against me. Must have been something in my morning coffee!!!