Do you want to bail out the banks? I doubt it very much but that might be the case with the recent fall of Bradford & Bingley where the government proposes using taxpayers money to help the problems there. It really doesn’t seem fair does it? These banks will happily take all our money, earning the big guys millions of pounds and then when times change for the worse, they want out and want us to pay for that as well!

Yes, taxes could go up for things like this and there’s not a lot we can do about it. There is however a different option where the Bank of England would take over things at the bank and gradually run it down over time thus avoiding us, the taxpayers, having even less money in our accounts at the end of the month. A much better idea, so surely it’s a no brainer?

There has also been talk that the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) may be called upon but many are saying it won’t happen and it will be our taxes as usual to sort out the problems. Let’s hope a private buyer comes along but anyone who does that quite clearly doesn’t have their head screwed on straight and should really be investing in something more worthwhile.