Who do you consider to be the top brand in the UK when it comes to quality, reliability and distinctiveness? Well top of a recent consumer survey by the Superbrands Council has found internet search engine Google to be top of the pile closely followed behind by computer giant Microsoft and car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

Google, who were third last year, leap frogged Microsoft and Mercedes this year to become the UK’s top brand for the first time. A strange entry, in my opinion is Bosch, the household appliance manufacturer who made it to 8th on the list! Don’t get me wrong, they are a very well known and respected brand but nestled between the likes of BMW and Nike in the top 10 makes me think, how???

A bit of a disappointment is that there are only 3 British brands in the top 10 being the BBC (4th), British Airways (5th) and Royal Doulton (6th) this is matched by 3 entries form the USA and Germany with Japan taking the last slot with Sony.