footprintI’m sure it’s something most of us have dismissed to date or have done very little about. It’s that every prominent word in our day to day life being our “Carbon Footprint”. Energy bills are rocketing mainly due to ever increasing gas and oil prices and thoughts are now swinging towards what we can do to keep them down.

Our carbon footprint is the theoretical damage we (as an individual or household) are doing to the environment and we can lower or cancel this out by recycling and various other energy saving methods. This in practice will also help our energy bills due to less household consumption.

“What can we do?”, I hear you say. Well it’s all pretty obvious but the main two things are to turn off the heating when your not in the house (and off completely in the summer except for your hot water) and turn off appliances when not in use (that means turning off completely and not just putting in a standby mode).

More and more people are looking at what they can do. An interesting article online goes into more detail and was well worth a read. It is also something businesses are getting involved in so don’t be surprised if you find yourself managing your carbon footprint 24/7.