It may be a question that you find yourself asking when searching for insurance quotes. A common mis-conception is that going through an insurance broker is more expensive than going direct to an insurance company. This is not true. Yes, brokers may get fees from you or commission from the insurance company for selling you a policy but that doesn’t make them more expensive.

Dealing with many insurers, they can negotiate with them to get better deals which they then pass on to you the customer. These deals are not available to customers going directly. Also, some insurance companies do not deal with the public and only go through insurance brokers. A broker is probably the most effective price comparison of several insurance companies.

The only real benefit of going direct to an insurance company is that you are dealing directly rather than through a middle man. In the past this meant slower processing times in terms of documents and claims but nowadays this is not the case as brokers normally issue documents in house and when you claim you will normally deal directly with the insurance company’s claims team which bypasses the broker.

All in all, there is no reason to go directly to an insurance company unless you have found some benefit of doing so. A broker will 99% of the time be the best option and they will more often than not be cheaper and be more specific to your needs than a stand alone insurance company.