buy-to-letBuying a property for letting purposes is an ever-increasing trend in the UK but as it is a new venture for many people, what they may not realise is that specialist protection is required. We provide buy to let insurance for such properties which specifically meets the requirements of the property owner.

First and foremost, normal home insurance does not cover a let property. Only look for buy to let insurance or landlords insurance otherwise you may find your house is not protected. Secondly, you may be paying over the odds unless you contact Ashburnham Insurance. A bold statement I know, but when you check out our rates you will see why.

You can obtain a buy to let insurance quote in a matter of minutes and even get instant online cover. All our buildings and contents policies include property owners liability as standard and discounts are available for multiple properties.

If you buy a property with the sole intention of letting it out, you will probably be concerned as to what the insurance company are going to think about the tenants in the property. You are correct in a sense but we take a lenient view and cover pretty much any circumstance whether it be a professional tenant, students, DSS tenants or a house in multiple occupation (HMO). Cheap quotes, extensive cover and flexible terms – what more could you want?