iphoneYes it looks nice, we all know it has a wealth of fancy technology built-in, but at £269.00 is it worth it? And that’s not it! On top of this you must have a minimum 18 month contract with a minimum cost of £35.00 a month. The contract alone is therefore £630.00 making a grand total of £899.00!!!

Then you’ve got your calls, web browsing… oh I could go on forever but the bottom line is that this little baby is going to put a large dent in your back pocket. This though is not stopping the public. O2 retailers in Europe (where the phone was released only a couple of days ago) have already said this is the fastest selling phone of all time.

We already know that in the US, Apple have sold well over £1million iPhones so why is it so popular? Well it appeals to everyone really. It’s a fashion statement for a start, it is an iPod in a phone so covers the music lovers, it has WiFi internet access so covers the business men/women amongst us and has a touch sensitive screen for the technology lovers. Who wouldn’t want one?

The answer to the original question is no, it’s not worth it but if you’ve got the money then go for it. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and you will be the envy of your friends but be prepared to cancel the family holiday next year – it’s up to you!!!