What with England losing to Russia in the Football mid-week, hopes were left with the England Rugby team and a certain Lewis Hamilton to make the weekend brighter. Unfortunately both fell at the last hurdle leaving us all hurt at an England hat-trick of failures.

Was it a try? Wasn’t it a try? The office here are split but are obviously all gutted it wasn’t given. It could have been a different story had it been given but such is a game of rugby decided around these decisions and unfortunately this time round, it didn’t go our way.

And what about Mr Hamilton? So close yet so far! Sitting on the front row, only needing one more performance and then a slip on the first lap followed by an electrical blip that put him from 2nd to 18th in a matter of minutes. Having it all to do he managed to get back to 7th position but wasn’t enough to beat Kimi Raikkonen.

Oh well, a dismal sporting weekend over for the English – the only way is up!!!