Everyone now knows (or should know) that traditional analogue TV is being phased out with the switchover to Digital TV taking place. Work has already started meaning some homes already have been switched over to digital with work finishing in 2012 when all UK homes will have been changed. A majority of people now have some form of digital TV already, whether it be Sky, Cable or a Digital TV Box of some sort so most homes won’t be affected. The ones that don’t have any of the above will not receive any form of TV once their area has been switched over and hence the government are saying people should start doing something about this now.

A conversation in our office brought this subject up. Most of us here have either Sky or Cable or something similar, but one person in particular was behind with the times (not mentioning any names – Graeme) and has nothing but an analogue aerial. After months of consideration, he decided to get a Digital TV receiver only to his horror to find out that his area does not have a digital reception yet!

This leads me to think that why are they making people switch now for the future when the technology isn’t even in place? They can’t make someone buy technology for something that isn’t doing anything?! Anyway, I don’t know why anyone would not have Sky or Cable with packages as cheap as they are nowadays and with some of them throwing in Broadband and Telephone services for free. If you already pay for broadband, you could even save money by getting one of these packages.

If you’re still analogue only then you are living in the past and soon you will have nothing! It may be worth getting prepared but be aware that you may still be stuck with analogue for a few more years but as soon as they flick that switch, if you haven’t got anything in place then your TV will merely be taking up space in your front room – eh Graeme?