Liability Trade SearchWe have just launched a new trade search facility for our liability quote website. This will enable users to start typing what trade they are seeking public or employers liability for and then be presented with various options depending on what has been typed.

Click the thumbnail opposite to see a website snapshot of the trade search in action –>

With an ever increasing number of trades, we have felt the need to offer our customers a new trade search facility. When we first started our online liability quote website we had less than 100 trades and a simple drop down list seemed to suffice the needs of its users. As time has gone on, we have gradually added more and more trades and now find this list topping 200 trades. There is also a queue of other trades waiting to go on the list that could easily see this being several hundred more!

We have realised that a drop down list is no longer practical and have changed this to an instant search facility where the user begins typing in their occupation and then after a few letters the system beginnings to predict what trade you are looking for. If more letters are typed, the list is whittled down until a user finds exactly what they need or they can stop at any point to browse the list and simply select the one they are looking for.

If you have any feedback on the new system or any other suggestions then please feel free to email website support from our contact page.