With effect from 1st July 2010, IGI Insurance Company Limited have re-branded to AmTrust Europe Limited. IGI Insurance are one of the main insurers we use for landlords insurance but from now on they will be known as AmTrust Europe.

Our website has been updated to show the new name for all new customers. If you are an existing policyholder of IGI Insurance then your policy will not be affected. From renewal you will notice that documentation will have been updated to reflect the new name.

The change of name comes about due to the acquirement of IGI by AmTrust International Insurance Limited back in 2007. AmTrust are developing their presence in the UK and other European markets. They have now decided to consolidate this under one brand being AmTrust Europe.

Keith Wardell, the managing director of IGI Insurance has said:

“The change of name is about growth and progression. We have an exciting future ahead of us and this development is hugely positive. Our priority is to continue to deliver profitable and cost-effective insurance products backed up by a reliable and quality service.”