The holiday period is drawing to a close and it seems that this is the most common time of year that people forget to take out new insurance policies. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe people aren’t back in the swing of things yet or maybe it was just too much Christmas spirit?! Whatever the reason, make sure you don’t forget yours.

The most popular “forgotten insurance” is liability insurance – both public and employers liability. Maybe it is because some tradesman stop working over the holiday period due to less work being on, kids being on holiday, cold weather, and so on. It gets to the second week in January and all these things change and life is back to normal. During this period you let your insurance run out as you didn’t need it due to not working for the last few weeks but have consequently forgotten to then take out a new policy now that you are going back to work.

This is more a theory based on what we tend to hear from our customers around this time of the year and is by no means our view of tradesmen and their habits over this festive period – we are sure you are all hard working! If you are going back to work in the next week or so, just take a second to have a quick check of your liability cover to make sure it hasn’t run out.

With liability insurance policies starting at just £42.50 for the year for £1,000,000 cover, you would be mad to forget it. Visit for more information.