Road Closed Due To FloodWhether you are insured with us or not, making an insurance claim for flood damage is usually the same process. If you are one of the unfortunate people to have suffered flood in the recent adverse weather conditions in the UK then you can follow these simple steps. Even if you have not suffered a flood at your property then it may be worth reading on so that you are prepared if the event happens.

First and foremost, protect yourself and your family. This is the most important advice that can be given. Your possessions can be replaced but lives cannot. Ensure you and your family are out of the property and to a safe area. It is usually best to go to a friend or family members house where possible but it is also quite common for local halls or schools that are just outside of the flood areas to be used as a base for flood victims.

Once you are safe, phone your insurance company to report the incident. They will advise what you should do next. This may involve going back to the property if it is safe to do so to perform necessary steps to reduce the amount of damage such as moving items upstairs. Your insurance company will endeavour to provide quick help but if anything needs doing to prevent further damage and your insurer cannot immediately help then have the work done and keep the receipt to claim back from the insurer as part of the claim you are making.

With flood damage you will need to be patient. For a start you will need to wait for water to subside before anything else. You will then need to see what items have been damaged beyond repair and make a list for the insurer. If anything can be dried out, this process must be done slowly and carefully. The insurer will arrange for the necessary equipment to do this if required.

Some claims can take more than a year to finalise due to the difficulty involved in flood claims. It is not a nice thing to go through but if you are well organised and have the appropriate cover in place then you should be able to sort most things out with minimal loss to yourself. If you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding then a good preparation is essential.