Woman Driver“Why do women get cheaper car insurance?” has been a question that many men have asked themselves, and probably their insurance broker, at some stage. A recent survey says that new drivers aged 17 have the biggest premium divide between the genders. An average premium for a 17 year old female is £1,800 whereas a male is more likely to pay a staggering £3,500.

Whilst these premiums don’t ring true for every 17 year old driver, due to the differing cars that they buy, the percentages will. The same car will often cost a male normally double what a female of this age would pay.

First of all there are more men on the road but these men would argue that the percentage of women that do drive tend to have more accidents. Whether this statistic is true or not I don’t know but in reality women more commonly have little bumps and scrapes whereas men are more likely to have a major incident.

Regardless of how many claims men and women have, the bottom line is that men cost insurance companies more money than women so on that basis they are going to be charged more money. Thankfully as time goes on, this gap between the genders closes and at around the age of 30 there is normally only a few pounds different between a like for like policy.