When I read a recent article from the Daily Mail, I had to have a little laugh. The things that some of these people were claiming for are truly unbelievable. This is definitely a top 10 of the most daft insurance claims I have ever heard.

This may have brought a smile to my face for a few minutes but then it dawned on me that these are just a few of the many people that try to rip off insurance companies every day. You may think that it isn’t a big deal as it is the insurers who have to pay out. The thing is, the more claims that are made, the higher insurance premiums are going to be across the board.

At the end of the day, insurers need to make money as they are a business so these fraudulent claims are actually passed onto us in our insurance premiums. This has been calculated to be on average, an extra £44 on each and every house and motor policy sold in the UK. In truth, it could be much more but this is something that is impossible to measure.

With times being at their hardest for many years, we can expect more and more of these insurance scams and this can only be bad news for the rest of us as we have to pay ever increasing insurance premiums just because someone out there wants to earn a few dishonest pounds from their insurance company.