Recent research undertaken by has found the top 20 postcode areas that have been subject to burglary or theft in the first 3 months of 2009. They conducted the research following what seems to be an increase in these types of claims since the financial recession.

A surprising leader was found in the town of Arnold which is on the outskirts of Nottingham which comes under the postcode area of NG5. In fact, Nottinghamshire had 4 entries in the top 12 making it the ‘highest risk’ area to experience a theft or burglary claim.

London had 5 post code entries in the top 20 but due to the higher density of population and that they were further down the top 20 list, this in my eyes puts it behind Nottinghamshire in terms of risk.

The word risk has to be used loosely though. These findings were for only the first 3 months of the year and they can quite often change as thieves move from area to area. There may have been a repeat offender in one area that has now been caught and obviously this would then reduce the number of claims.

If you live in one of these postal areas then I would not be worried. As long as you take all the necessary security precautions and obviously have contents insurance in place then you greatly reducing the chances of it happening to you. The only concern would be that insurance companies look at these such statistics and it could mean that you will pay more for your insurance premiums than people living in difference post code areas.