petsOkay, so I’m sure every landlord has thought about it, “what happens if the tenant’s pets were to damage my property?”.

Well the answer is very simple you would have to either use the deposit that you took off the tenants when they moved into the property to get the repairs done or else you would have to pay for the damage yourself (which lets face it none of us want to do that!)

Many people may now be looking at their policy booklets and wondering why it says “Collision from any Vehicle or Animal” and again the answer is a simple one. Most, if not all, UK landlord insurance policies will cover you for damage to your property from any other animal except pets.

So if your tenant’s Great Dane knocks down a wall and you have to get it repaired then you will have to pay yourself, but should an escaped rhino from the zoo come crashing through your front room wall, you would at least have the cover for that.