The first Monday of the year, the kids are back at school and everyone is back at work. Back to the daily routine that will no doubt be difficult for most to get into the swing of things again especially after all the festivities over the last week or so.

On top of this, most of the South and East of England was greeted with all that can be described as an arctic blast this morning. Bitterly cold weather and heavy snow caused chaos on the school and work runs. I like to call it early morning bumper cars.

Thankfully we are all here unscathed this morning but I’m guessing quite a few didn’t make it to their respective journeys on time this morning. It was a motoring ice rink with many a casualty not helped by the high number of cars on the road.

Not the best way to start the year. Hopefully the icicles will melt soon and summer will be here before you know it.