What better time to become a landlord. Well maybe that’s open for discussion but with property prices falling and a lack of buyers on the market, if you need to move, becoming a landlord may be your only option.

You don’t want to sell for a low price but regardless of that, there is no buyers interested anyway but you need to move. What’s the only option left? Yes, rent the place. May not be your ideal solution but probably your only one if your in this situation.

So you’ve decided to rent and are busy making all the arrangements but what’s the biggest thing that get forgotten? A landlords insurance policy. You might have even remembered insurance but may have thought that your normal home insurance is fine. A big mistake which you may only realise when it’s too late.

As soon as you let the property you must have a policy for landlords insurance in place to ensure you a correctly covered. Don’t forget, do it now before it’s too late or your buildings and contents could be in jeopardy. It’s just as easy to arrange as a home insurance policy and the cost is normally about the same or cheaper (hard to believe but this is what we’ve found in our comparisons) so there’s no excuse!