This week at the Ashburnham Insurance office we are celebrating 13 years in business. On the 26th September 1995 the takeover of the former Robert A Rushtons Insurance brokerage took place and Ashburnham Insurance was born.

With the current “credit crunch” issues around the world, and companies (especially in the financial sector) going out of business left, right and centre, we thought we would celebrate the fact that 13 is not Ashburnham’s unlucky number and we are here to stay!

Even after all these years, the company has remained true to it’s roots and we still have our doors open to the public to come and visit us face to face. Many local residents and even some from further afield come in to the office to discuss their insurance needs in person. So many companies can only be contacted over the phone nowadays and this personal touch separates us from the rest.

Despite this, we continue to develop our internet trading platform which has become increasingly popular over the years and is now a key part of the business. Ever increasing interest from customers and insurance companies in our work has made us one of the UK’s specialists in providing landlord insurance and public liability insurance.