Almost 3 years to the day after the devastating Hurricane Katrina, a new Hurricane is about to hit New Orleans, this time named Gustav. It has been given a category 3 out of possible 5 and could hit the Louisiana coast with winds at around 115mph around midday local time on 1st September 2008.

The hurricane has already hit the Caribbean claiming several lives where winds were much stronger than what is predicted to hit the coast of America. Many criticised the evacuation plans for the Katrina Hurricane and since then many plans have been put in place for a future disaster and these are now being tested for the first time now.

The effect of the hurricane could be more than just the residents as many oil and gas infrastructures have been shut down until the storm passes. This could have a massive knock on affect for the areas that rely on this supply.

Many are evacuating the Gulf of Mexico coast to take shelter inland. Some have only moved back into their homes after having them rebuilt from 3 years earlier. Gustav is not predicted to be as fierce as Katrina but many are fearing for the worst yet praying for the best.