Another 4 years have passed and it’s time for the Summer Olympics, this time being held in Beijing, China. This is not something that Great Britain take a massive interest in but we all tend to watch any events that have a British interest of some sort. This is usually the track and field events, mainly because we are hopeless at everything else.

However, we are normally surprised by someone we have never heard of who excels in an event that we have never watched in our lives and all of a sudden we are all Kayaking enthusiasts! This time round I think it will be a similar story but I predict that we might find ourselves with a few more medals that usual.

One to watch is a certain Andy Murray. He has just won the ATP Cincinnati Masters and goes into the Olympics as the new world number 6. I think he could easily be looking at some kind of medal round his neck in the next few weeks if he continues his good form.

Moving away from the GB hopes (or usual lack of them), here’s an interesting fact for you. The opening ceremony will start at 8pm on the 8th day of the 8th month, 2008. This is because in China, the pronunciation of the number 8 in Cantonese sounds the same as the word for ‘to make money’. The number 8 is therefore deemed to be very prosperous.

Good luck team GB. Hopefully we can find some new stars that might shine when the games returns to London in 2012.