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Ashburnham provide housing association insurance for tenants of social housing landlords. Flexible, comprehensive, and cheap landlord insurance for housing association tenants can be hard to come by, but with Ashburnham you can choose the level of cover you require using our online policy form. Just make sure that you select that your lease agreement is between you (or your agent) and “Council / Housing Authority” in the dropdown under Occupancy Details.

What does Housing Association Insurance cover?

Social housing accounts for approximately 17% of all households in England. Yet, a limited number of insurance brokers in the UK are able to provide housing association insurance as it requires a specialist knowledge of landlord insurance.

We can cover HMOs (houses in multiple occupancy) and mixed use properties where a part of the building may be non-residential.

Call us for free and speak to one of our specialist experts who can discuss your housing association insurance requirements with you!

Buildings Insurance


Covers the financial cost of repairing a property’s structural damage. We cover both accidental and malicious damage as standard, in addition to environmental damage (e.g. flooding, storms, etc).

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Contents Insurance


Recommended for furnished housing association homes, this will protect the social landlord from the costs of repairing and replacing furnishing that have been stolen or accidentally damaged.

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Malicious Damage by Tenants Cover

Malicious Damage by Tenants

Covers the intentional damage caused by the tenant or any other malicious persons to the landlord’s property.

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Loss of Rent Insurance

Rent Guarantee

Covers loss of rent by guaranteeing monthly rent payments for a maximum of 6 months in the event that a tenant is in arrears and temporarily unable to pay due to their financial circumstance.

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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability

Indemnifies the property owner against liability if a tenant, guest or member of the public is injured on the premises, including cover from the financial costs of any claims made due to negligence.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses

Indemnifies the expenses in pursuit or defense of any disputes connected to a landlord’s property that require legal protection.

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More than one property?

Head over to our Landlord Portfolio Insurance page.

About Social Housing Insurance

The social housing sector faces its own financial challenges, as a non-profit solution to low cost social housing. This is why we believe in finding you the lowest quotations to suit your housing association insurance requirements.

Housing associations provide similar housing to that of local councils, offering affordable housing to tenants who may require additional financial support. These tenants are not always in receipt of housing benefit, but may be working on a low income. Either way, all our insurers accept housing benefit tenants.

Many housing association tenants (though certainly not all) come from a background of substance abuse, homelessness, or suffer from physical and/or mental health issues. Social housing is allocated on the basis of housing need, with the above groups given reasonable preference. As a result, some insurers consider tenants of social housing landlords a high risk, due to their financial vulnerability and dependence on social housing support. Therein lies the difficulty with obtaining housing association insurance with non-specialist, less experienced insurers who may charge high premiums.

In reality, a housing association tenant may be just as responsible as any other tenant in terms of housekeeping and rent payments.

Social housing landlords are usually registered with the Homes and Communities Agency (as a registered social landlord, or RSL), and will therefore have to follow strict standards and regulations. This includes things like maintaining a reasonable state of repair, ensuring that the property is warm enough and equipped with reasonably modern facilities, and protecting the safety and wellbeing of the tenant by keeping the property free of Category 1 hazards.

If you are not a social housing landlord, but do have tenants in receipt of housing benefit, you may want to look at our DSS insurance for housing benefit tenants.

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