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Ashburnham Insurance provide fully comprehensive public liability insurance for all types of landlords, let property owners, freeholders, leaseholders and developers.

Why Landlords need liability insurance

When you are involved in letting your home, you will be well aware of the there are many hazards that could leave you out-of-pocket. This is why taking out a landlord insurance policy is imperative. In most instances, public liability cover (or property owner’s liability cover as it is often called) is provided under the buildings insurance policy but in some circumstances, there is a need to get the cover separately.

It protects you from the cost of any accidents or incidents that tenants, guests or members of the public suffer in connection with your property that you are liable for as the owner. This could leave you in serious personal financial difficulties. Public liability insurance for landlords and property letting is not compulsory but essential for any landlord to take out.

Common types of claims

  • A loose carpet causes the tenant to trip and fall down the stairs
  • A large crack in your pathway causes someone to trip and injure themselves
  • A poorly fitted shower leaks and causes water damage to your tenant’s belongings

This cover is of course optional but Ashburnham recommends you seriously consider taking it out. You may wish to consider buildings cover which usually includes property owner’s liability as standard in most cases as well as the usual cover for the property itself.

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