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Ashburnham provide bedsit insurance for landlords letting single-room accommodation to tenants. Flexible, comprehensive, and cheap bedsit insurance can be hard to come by, but with Ashburnham you can choose the level of cover you require using our online policy form. Just make sure that under Property Construction, you select “Bedsits” for property type.

What does Landlord Insurance for Bedsits cover?

When you compare bedsit insurance quotes online, it is essential to know exactly what the policy covers. A good bedsit insurance policy will cover more than just the building, but also protect you against other financial risks associated with letting bedsits to multiple single-room tenants.

Buildings Insurance


Covers the financial cost of repairing a property’s structural damage. We cover both accidental and malicious damage as standard, in addition to environmental damage (e.g. flooding, storms, etc).

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Contents Insurance


Recommended for furnished bedsit properties, this will protect the landlord from the costs of repairing and replacing furnishing that have been stolen or accidentally damaged by tenants.

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Malicious Damage Cover

Malicious Damage

Covers the intentional damage caused by the bedsit tenant or any other malicious persons to the landlord’s property.

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Loss of Rent Insurance

Rent Guarantee

Covers loss of rent by guaranteeing monthly rent payments for a maximum of 6 months in the event that a bedsit tenant is in arrears and temporarily unable to pay due to their financial circumstance.

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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability

Indemnifies the property owner against liability if a tenant, guest or member of the public is injured on the premises, including cover from the financial costs of any claims made due to negligence.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses

Indemnifies the expenses in pursuit or defense of any disputes connected to a landlord’s property that require legal protection.

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More than one property?

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What is a bedsit?

A bedsit is defined as a single room accommodation and may be categorised under HMO (house in multiple occupation) if at least three unrelated households occupy the building. Also known as a bedsitter or bed-sitting room, a bedsit often features communal bathrooms but many bedsits will have their own separate bathroom and kitchen facilities. A HMO may contain multiple bedsits within the residential building, each its own single unit occupied by separate households (a household can be defined as a single tenant), who are individually responsible for paying their rent each month and have their own tenancy agreement.

Bedsit tenants are most commonly students, single professionals, benefit recipients, or professionals who require a secondary home as their place of employment is a long distance away from their main home.

Many insurers consider the types of tenants that bedsits attract to be high-risk, therefore making bedsit insurance not so straight-forward to acquire. Low-rent bedsit accommodation is popular amongst DSS tenants, who have developed a bad reputation over the years as a result of a few bad eggs. Furthermore, bedsit flats themselves have also gained an unfair reputation for being cheaply converted with faulty kitchen appliances squeezed next to the bed. At Ashburnham, we understand that this is not true for all bedsit landlords and their tenants, and we have the expertise to provide bespoke policies tailored to your specific situation and requirements.

Working with a specialist landlord insurance broker, such as Ashburnham, will ensure that you find the most affordable, comprehensive solution to insuring your bedsit without any unnecessary complexity or fuss.

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