Public Liability Insurance for Cake Making And Decorating

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Ashburnham Insurance provide low-cost public liability insurance cover for cake making and decorating. This includes all birthday, wedding and other special occasion cake makers.

Why Cake Makers and Decorators need liability insurance

When you are involved in the designing, making and decorating of cakes, you may not think there is much that can happen that could affect you. A simple lapse of concentration in what you are doing could lead to an injury or damage to a third-party. While delivering a celebration cake to a birthday party, you might have someone trip over your bag or equipment and injure themselves. This is why public liability insurance is vitally important.

It covers against most of the unexpected incidents that can occur during cake making and decorating that you could be liable for. Such occurrences can result in financial difficulties for you and your company. Public liability insurance for a cake making and decorating is not compulsory but essential to ensure the longevity of the company.

Common types of claims

  • An unexpected outbreak of food poisoning is deemed to have come from your cake affecting several members of the public
  • Delivering a wedding cake to a venue you accidentally knock an expensive table ornament over which smashes
  • A foreign object falls into your cup cake or icing mixture and a customers bites into it causing them injury

This cover is optional but Ashburnham recommend that you definitely consider having it. If you only sell your products on a stall at a craft fair and the like, you should take out market traders insurance to get the appropriate cover.

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Public Liability Insurance for Cake Making And Decorating

Range of Cake Making And Decorating Insurance

Public Liability
Employers Liability
Shop Insurance

Extra Insurance

Goods In Transit Cover

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