Tenants Contents Insurance

If you live in rented accommodation then you will obviously not be in charge of insuring the building but you may still want to get Contents Insurance as the Landlords Insurance would not cover any of your contents, only things that the Landlord themselves had left in the property.

This cover is obviously very important to a tenant as it can cover all their household goods and personal property within the home which is their property or that they are legally liable for. Many people think that it would only cover things such as curtains, carpets and household possessions but most policies will also offer you some cover for any money or credit cards that you may have on the premises and also any deeds or registered bonds and many other personal documents.

The main cover you have is the same as the cover that you get on normal Landlord Insurance policies so you can have cover if the contents were damaged by things such as fire or escape of water. You can also add-on Accidental Damage cover which means that if you were to accidentally damage some part of your contents you could get it repaired or replaced as long as you paid the excess.

You can also get limited liability cover which means that you have some cover in place should your contents cause anyone to hurt themselves and hold you responsible (i.e. you leave your vacuum out and someone trips over it and injures themselves).

Most of these policies now include tenant’s liability insurance. It is an extension of the policy which covers damage to the rented property that the tenant is liable for. The most obvious example is damage to windows.

Most lease agreements make windows the tenant’s responsibility so if one gets smashed, the tenant has to sort it out. At the same time the landlord is worrying about the security of their property whilst not wanting to pay for damage which should be paid by the tenant. If the tenant has no cover and doesn’t earn much money, this could be a difficult situation for both landlord and tenant.

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