Helpline Numbers

Most insurance companies nowadays have a claims helpline number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in the event of a claim you should contact this number. It is normally found in your policy booklet or on your insurance documentation. Some of these telephone numbers are listed below for your convenience. Whilst every effort is made to keep this list up to date, sometimes numbers are changed without our knowledge so please contact us or refer to your policy book for the current claim number:

Policy TypeInsurance Company (Scheme)Claims Helpline Number
Commercial Property OwnersAXA Insurance (ABACUS)0345 6002716
Commercial Property OwnersCovea Insurance (ABACUS)0844 9020790
Commercial Property OwnersEquity Insurance (ABACUS)0844 8000970
Commercial Property OwnersLV Insurance (ABACUS)0800 0321170
HomeAll CompaniesSee Policy Book/Documentation
LandlordsAgeas Insurance (ABACUS)0345 1223283
LandlordsAgeas Insurance (UK General)0844 4124258
LandlordsAmTrust Europe (ABACUS)0115 9349818
LandlordsBeazley/PLUM (ABACUS)0845 2507003
LandlordsCovea Insurance (ABACUS)0330 0242266/td>
LandlordsEquity Insurance (ABACUS)0161 8356938
LandlordsLV Insurance (ABACUS)0800 0321170
LandlordsLV Insurance (Rentguard)0208 5871075
LandlordsNovae Insurance (ABACUS)01443 202233
LandlordsRSA Insurance (Rentguard)0208 5871075
LandlordsZurich Insurance (Rentguard)0208 5871075
LandownersCovea Insurance0330 0242266
LiabilityAgeas Insurance (Optima)0370 6002123
LiabilityAgeas Insurance (Semploy)0345 1223283
LiabilityBrit Insurance (Thistle)0845 6051018
LiabilityCovea Insurance0330 0242266
LiabilityQBE (Thistle)0845 2669664
LiabilityZenith Marque0800 5870808
MotorAll CompaniesSee Policy Book/Documentation