Public Liability Insurance for Window Cleaners

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Ashburnham Insurance provide public liability insurance cover for all types of window cleaners including domestic, commercial and residential window washing. Cover is also available for using water fed poles to reach windows at height.

Why Window Cleaners need liability insurance

When you are leaving a customers windows gleaming clean, there may be a claim lurking just around the corner. Simply leaving your bucket on the ground can cause a member of the public walking past to stub their toe, breaking it. Or some soap spilt on the floor can be a slip hazard. For this reason, public liability insurance is vital.

You take pride in the sparkle you leave behind once you have completed a job, whether that be for a standard window or architectural glass used for lighting or decorative purposes. The window frames are clean and the sills are dirt free. All it takes is one accident or mistake to cause untold financial problems for you and your company. Public liability insurance for window cleaners is not compulsory but essential in providing protection for your business.

Common types of claims

  • A grain of dirt is caught on your microfibre or cheese cloth, causing scratches to the window
  • Whilst up a step-ladder, you drop your scrubber brush onto a passer-by, hurting their head
  • You leave your squeegee on the ground and a member of the public trips, injuring their ankle

This cover is optional but Ashburnham recommends that you certainly consider having it. Furthermore, if you have valuable equipment, you may wish to consider tools cover to provide compensation in the event of them being stolen.

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Public Liability Insurance for Window Cleaners

Range of Window Cleaner Insurance

Public Liability
Employers Liability
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