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Ashburnham Insurance are being contacted by an increasing number of young people seeking Public Liability Insurance who have been having problems obtaining cover from other companies due to lack of working experience of because they are being classed as a minor or child due to their age.

This seems to mainly be affecting 16 and 17 year olds who have left school and become self-employed straight away but because they are under 18s they are struggling to get the liability insurance they need.

Ashburnham can provide public liability insurance for under 18 years old as long as they are legally entitled to work in the UK.

Why Under 18 Year Olds need liability insurance

You could be a youth aged sixteen or seventeen and involved in working for members of the public or companies, in any type of property or outdoors, there are many risks that you may encounter. Simply leaving your tools and equipment on the ground could be a trip hazard to a member of the public walking past. This is why public liability insurance is vital.

It protects you from the cost of any unexpected incidents that under eighteens could be liable for, which could result in financial difficulties for you and your company. Public liability insurance is not compulsory but essential to ensure your business’ survival.

Common types of claims

  • A member of the public trips and injures themselves on your tool box that you left on the floor
  • You drop a hammer in a bath causing it to crack and need replacing
  • You spill bleach on a carpet, requiring it to be replaced

This cover is optional but Ashburnham recommend that you certainly consider having it. Furthermore, if you have valuable equipment, you may wish to consider tools cover to provide compensation in the event of them being stolen.

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