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Ashburnham Insurance provide low-cost public liability insurance cover for all types of teachers including classroom based teachers, private tutors, lecturing, coaching and one-to-one home tuition.

Why Teachers need liability insurance

As a teacher, you may think your career choice is relatively risk free, however, just by leaving your bag on the floor during a teaching session or class lecture, you could cause a trip hazard to a student that is blissfully minding their own business and not paying attention to where they are walking. This is why public liability insurance is highly important.

You are giving your students the gift of knowledge, from maths and english literature to science and history, public liability insurance protects you from the cost of any unexpected incidents that a teacher or tutor could be liable for. We all know how important education is but public liability insurance for teachers and tutors is vital as an individual to ensure you are not left in financial difficulty in the event of an unforseen incident.

Common types of claims

  • You spill your coffee onto your student’s laptop which now needs replacing
  • You leave your briefcase on the ground when your student’s younger sibling trips and breaks their wrist
  • During private home tuition, your file slips out of your hand, landing on an expensive glass desk and causing a large crack

Although this type of insurance is not compulsory by law, it is important that you are protected from unexpected accidents. You may even want to consider taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance to provide compensation in the event of expert advice you give leading to claim being made against you.

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Public Liability Insurance for Teachers

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