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Ashburnham Insurance provide low-cost public liability insurance cover for all subcontractors including individuals or companies acting as a domestic, nominated or named sub-contractor. If you aren’t familiar with these subbie terms then read our definition of labour only subcontractors and bona-fide subcontractors.

Why Subcontractors need liability insurance

When working for the main contractor, you may find yourself in the building trade where you could end up in all manner of situations. Being contracted to do some bricklaying work you could accidentally drop a brick on someone’s head and injure them. For this reason public liability insurance is essential.

It protects you individually from any unexpected cost of injuring or damage someone’s property during your work. Public liability insurance for subcontractors is not compulsory but essential to help protect you or your business’ financial future.

Common types of claims

  • Losing a brick from your hod which drops and lands someone’s head
  • You are doing some plumbing work but break a pipe causing water damage to the house you are in
  • You leave a spade on the floor which someone treads on a injures their foot

This cover is optional but worth having for the potential incidents that it covers. Furthermore, if you have tools or equipment, you may wish to consider tools cover to provide protection in the event of them being lost or stolen.

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