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Ashburnham Insurance can provide the ideal public liability insurance cover for all small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Regardless of what trade or business you are involved, Ashburnham will normally have an insurance policy which is perfect for you.

Why small businesses need liability insurance

The definition of a small business does differ from industry to industry and also the turnover of the business in question can decide what category they fall into but, in a majority of cases, a small business is a company consisting of 1 to 50 employees. Ashburnham does not carry any criteria of what you need to be considered a small business for insurance purposes but if you are an independent retailer, local tradesman or similar then Ashburnham Insurance can help. Whether you are a new business startup or a fully established company, you will know that there is the potential for an incident that could turn into a financial nightmare which could easily affect your livelihood but having public liability insurance for a small business can relinquish these risks.

It gives that vital help and assistance when the unexpected happens which a small business could be liable for. With indemnity levels starting at £1,000,000 you know that you’ll be covered for most eventualities giving you ultimate peace of mind as a business owner.

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Common types of claims

  • You are working at a customer’s house and smash some expensive crockery
  • You drop a heavy tool on some’s head when working at a height
  • You crack a window by accident while working on a nearby wall

As an SME, you will have a business plan that no doubt includes the possibility of a claim being made against you. The only way to protect you against such claims is to get the appropriate cover. You might also like to look at professional indemnity insurance which covers you against any advice you provide your customers.

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