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Ashburnham Insurance provides public liability insurance cover for all types of roofers, including flat roofing, slatering and tiling contractors and hot roofers using heat. The many different types of materials used nowadays such as fibreglass, synthetic rubber membranes, cold liquid coating and PVC as well as the more traditional items such as felt, bitumen, tiles and slates. Regardless of what methods you use, Ashburnham can put these all under a single comprehensive roofer’s insurance policy.

Why Roofers need liability insurance

Being able to work up on the roof of a building, there are many hazards – the most obvious being height. Working above the ground, there is a much higher risk of expensive accidents. Anything getting hit by an object falling from a roof is more than likely going to be damaged. What’s worse is if that object is actually a person in which case there could be a substantial injury.

Public liability will provide vital protection for roof construction incidents that you could be deemed liable for. Having this cover in place will help prevent financial issues whether you are a self-employed roofer or a large roofing company.

You also need to consider any employees you may have who could potentially fall from ladders or even off the roof itself and sustain serious injuries. This is why employers liability insurance is also important.

Common types of claims

  • A tile falls off the roof and lands on a parked car below
  • Your blow torch accidentally causes fire damage to the house
  • Your ladder falls over and goes through a window

Public liability insurance for roofers is optional but if you have employees then employers liability is compulsory by law. You should also consider cover for contract works in the event of an incident occurring that affects a major contract being worked upon.

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What types of insurance coverage does a roofer need?

Roofers face many risks. Even with years of roofing experience in the construction industry, or as a general handyman, sometimes accidents happen that you feel are beyond your control and yet you are still held liable for the incident. Some of the main types of insurance recommended for roofers include:

Public Liability Insurance – Public liability insurance for roofers provides vital protection, whether you’re a self-employed contractor or represent a large roofing company. Due to the heavy-duty tools involved in roofing, a simple accident may cause an expensive amount of damage which you may be held liable for.
Employer’s Liability Insurance – If you employ staff for a roofing job, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient employers’ liability insurance, this is a legal requirement. This type of insurance will cover you if a worker becomes injured or develops an illness due to the work undertaken whilst working for you, and decides to claim compensation.
Tools Cover – If you have valuable roofing tools, such as roofing knives, roofing nailers, roofing hammers, ladders and harnesses, you may wish to consider tools cover to provide compensation in the event of them being stolen.
Plant Cover – You might also want to consider plant cover for any heavy machinery that you may use during the course of your work.

Is public liability insurance for roofers a legal requirement?

Public liability insurance for roofers is not a legal necessity, but it is certainly recommended. It can cover mishaps such as fire damage from using a blow torch incorrectly or, more commonly, tools or materials dropping from high-up on the roof and damaging the property beneath, such as a parked car, garden tiles, garden ornaments or a window. Falling objects may also seriously injure a person below, and they may claim compensation from you.

As a roofer, do I need contract works insurance?

Contract works Insurance is not legally required but if something happens to the property that you are contracted to work on, such as a storm or fire, which damages the roofing to the extent that the work has to be started again, the cost of the site clearance and re-purchase of new materials that have been lost will cut in to any profit you were potentially going to make and, in most cases, can even end up costing your business money on the contract as a whole.

As a roofer, how much insurance coverage will I need?

Public liability insurance for roofers indemnifies you or your business against any injury or damage you might cause to the public or their property during the course of your work. Whilst most people will opt for an indemnity level of £1,000,000, Ashburnham can also provide £2,000,000, £5,000,000 and £10,000,000 cover if required.