Public liability insurance for Occupational Therapist

Liability Insurance for Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapist may seem like a safe occupation but you should always consider a public liability insurance policy to cover yourself in case any member of the public tries to hold you liable for any insured peril such as injury caused to them due to your negligence or damage to any of their property, Public liability is legally optional but this isn’t to say that you can simply forget about it, you should include the cost of a public liability policy into your business plan, after all the premium is minimal when compared to what a liability claim could cost you.

If you employ anyone then you need to have an employers liability policy in place, not only to cover yourself and your business but to meet UK legal regulations. Many insurers will give free employers liability cover for clerical staff, however you should read carefully into this to make sure the cover is available and that you meet requirements for the free cover.