Public Liability Insurance for Music Teachers

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Ashburnham Insurance provide public liability insurance for all types of music teachers and tutors, teaching all instruments such as piano, flute, violin and guitar.

Why Music Teachers need liability insurance

As a tutor of music, you may think that your choice of career is relatively risk free, however, by having a wire trailing from an amp to a guitar, you could cause a trip hazard to a customers family member walking past. This is why public liability insurance is highly important.

When tutoring people in the gift of music, from piano to bass, public liability insurance protects you from the cost of any unexpected incidents that music teachers could be liable for, which may result in financial problems for you and your company. Public liability insurance for music teachers is not compulsory but essential to ensure your business’ survival.

Common types of claims

  • You leave a trumpet case open on the floor which a member of the public trips over, injuring their leg
  • You spill a coffee on an electric guitar amp, which now needs replacing
  • Carrying a saxophone through a house you knock over a lamp, causing it to smash

This cover is optional but Ashburnham recommends that you certainly consider having it. You are bound to give advice to clients from time to time and you are also providing them with a service. If a mistake is made and you are found to be negligent or your advice is not correct, they may seek financial compensation from you. Professional Indemnity provides cover for the legal costs in defending the claim as well as compensation to the client to rectify your mistake.

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Public Liability Insurance for Music Teachers

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