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Ashburnham Insurance provide public liability insurance for all types of land, including private roads, undeveloped pasture, woodland and even residents associations. Whether you are a single person, group, community or business, Ashburnham can help all types of landowners in the UK including Northern Ireland.

Why Landowners need liability insurance

Owning a piece of land can leave you vulnerable to the risk of a member of the public injuring themselves and finding you liable. A simple trip over a tree root protruding from the ground can cause untold injuries. This is why land insurance is crucial.

It protects you from the cost of any unanticipated incidents that landowners could be liable for, which could result in financial struggle. Public liability insurance for land is not compulsory but essential to safeguard yourself. On top of this, cover is also available for public access, employers liability, legal expenses and material damage (such as street lights, walls, fences and incidental buildings)

Common types of claims

  • A tree falls, damaging a parked car underneath
  • A member of the public trips on an uneven path and injures themselves whilst walking on your private road
  • A rotten branch breaks off of a tree and hits a passer-by on the head

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Public Liability Insurance for Land

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